DUI Assist

By Law Enforcement, For Law Enforcement

Making DUI Arrests Easier For Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement conducting DUI enforcement is imperative. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day, approximately 32 people in the United States die in drunk driving crashes - that's one person every 45 minutes.

DUI arrests are prone to going to trial, require extensive training, and typically require the officer to complete an extensive amount of paperwork. To assist officers with making a DUI arrests, we developed DUI Assist.

DUI Assist makes officers jobs easier by walking the officer through the DUI, step by step. While the officer makes their way through the app, the app has prompts for the officer to read out loud. This way the officer is clear and consistent with their instructions.

DUI Assist has built-in timers and tools to assist with field sobriety exercises.

When the officer has completed going through the steps on DUI Assist, the officer can export the notes to a PDF. Agencies are able to work with DUI Assist to export the data from DUI Assist, directly to their arrest packet. E-mail us for details and pricing. It should be noted that pricing is perpetual and is not billed per user.

The DUI Assist on the app store (iOS & Android) is currently built for Florida DUI arrests.

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